Modular Furniture

If you and/or your department are: buying new modular furniture for your current space; rearranging existing modular furniture in your current space; moving to a new space and bringing your current modular furniture; or, buying new modular furniture, you will need to plan ahead for approvals and some additional costs.  Please take the following items into consideration:

  1. Facilities Management and Services no longer handles modular furniture installations, disassemblies, reassemblies or moves.
  2. You will need to contact a modular furniture company. Please work with Procurement and Contract Services, ext. 5134.  If you are buying new furniture the company should be able to help you in determining a new furniture layout.  If you are moving the existing or just rearranging the current layout they will be able to give you a quote to disassemble and reassemble the furniture.  A contract for this service will need to be in place with the vendor before securing this service.  This includes the moving of modular furniture to surplus property or from one office to another.
  3. Submit an online Service Request for review of the layout of any modular furniture to FMS for the Design Department to estimate and coordinate the modular furniture layout and any related issues such as connections to walls and utilities or items that need to be removed from the wall. Please include planned order date, vendor quote and room design (FMS will be glad to provide a simple drawing, to scale, of the rooms in the project so that you or the furniture company can use for furniture layout).
  4. Items to remember when sketching your new layout, electrical outlets, data outlets, phone outlets, thermostats and other similar items must not be covered or blocked by panels or furniture components.
  5. Contact IT Support Services, ext. 6000, if your modular furniture is wired for phone or data connection and an estimate will be provided for TSRV technicians to disconnect and reconnect the telecommunications wiring.
  6. The FMS Designer will request a CAF, depending on the size of the project, to review the new modular furniture layout for applicable regulations and codes (Fire Code, Accessibility Compliance, etc.).  The FMS Designer will work with you to resolve any issues.
  7. After receipt of approved CAF and confirmation no regulations and/or codes will be violated, FMS will give approval to you to purchase and install the modular furniture.