Small Scope Projects (SSP)

Facilities Management and Services has developed a process to help expedite project requests that are considered small in scope. If a project is eligible, FMS can schedule the work only after receiving the appropriate approvals and funding account information.

Projects are Small Scope Projects if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The work will not require Design Services
  • The work will have minimal impact to FMS Maintenance/Project Schedules
  • The work performed does not impact Hazardous Materials
  • The work would not alter the functional use of a space or area
  • The work does not require agency approval (i.e., State Fire Marshal, Department of the State Architect)
  • The work does not require campus committee approval
  • The total estimated labor cost is less than $1500

Project Request Form, submitted electronically and hard-copy with all required signatures is required for all Small Scope Projects.  Hard-copy PRF's should be sent to Norma Young, zip 925.  The Manager of Building and Mechanical Trades will review the request with the appropriate FMS personnel and will provide an estimate within approximately 20 working days of receipt of the PRF.