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Document Shredding

Confidential Document Shredding:

Documents containing sensitive information such as student tests, employee files, or other confidential records should be shredded. There are 3 data classification levels for campus documents. An explanation of these levels can be found at this link and should be reviewed prior to requesting pick-up of material to be shredded.

No-cost options:

  • Shred small quantities in a desk-side paper shredder.  You can request that the shredded material be picked up by calling AS Recycling, extension 5033.
  • For larger quantities, University Print & Mail Services offers self–service shredding using an industrial strength shredder. They are located in Siskiyou Hall, Room 118. Please call ahead to check the availability of the shredder, extension 5992.  For safety reasons, individuals using the shredder must wear closed toed shoes.

However, if you require a locked bin (64-gallon capacity) in order to shred Level 1 and Level 2 documents other than Student Information (see data classification levels at the link found above) on a one-time basis, please submit a non-emergency request online found at this link. There is a $35.00 charge for each bin.  Due to confidentiality requirements, we cannot unlock the bins.   Please fill the bin(s) within 5 business days of delivery.

All shredded documents will be recycled and will count towards campus recycling goals.