Lost Keys

  1. Immediately report any lost keys to FMS for security purposes.
  2. A report of lost or stolen key(s) must also be made to University Police Department before issuance of a replacement key(s).  If key(s) are later found, FMS and UPD must be notified immediately.
  3. The Report of Key Loss form must be signed by the University Cashiering Office, with proof of fees paid ($25 per lost key) before issuance of replacement key(s).
  4. A refund of the University Cashiering charge(s) will be granted if the key(s) is found and returned to FMS within one year. The re-key or Medeco upgrade fee(s) will not be returned.
  5. A faculty or staff member may be charged up to $1000 for replacement of lost keys.
  6. Facilities Management and Services charges an additional $100 to re-key a lock if keys are lost.
  7. In an effort to help migrate our locking system to the newer more secure Medeco brand cylinders, if the lock for which a key is lost is of the older Schlage brand, FMS will charge $100 to re-key the lock to the newer more secure Medeco cylinder. In this event all key holders for this lock will need to be issued new Medeco keys.