Boxes can be purchased from FMS for $2.00 per box with a 10 box minimum, including delivery to your door.

  • Submit your service request for boxes or call ext. 6222. 
  • A CAF must be sent to FMS zip 0925 prior to the delivery of the boxes. 
  • Submit box requests 10 working days in advance.

Before you fill a box, tape the bottom, do not cross fold. (Tape is not provided by FMS.)  Use strapping or filament tape. Close box tops as contents may fall out and become damaged during moves.  Use masking tape for labeling, not post-it notes that fly off easily and become lost.  Label all boxes, fragile items, and furniture. All packing must be completed by the requester or department before the scheduled move date. Please limit the weight of each box to that which can be lifted by one person.