Move Preparations

Please do not place items for pick-up in hallways.  It blocks exit requirements per the State Fire Marshal.

Provide FMS with a service request for an office move at least 10 working days in advance of your move.

Move requests that involve two or more offices will be assessed and coordinated by the Moving Services Division for cost estimate and will require up to 2 additional weeks for scheduling. These larger moves are subject to reimbursed activity.

Office moves that are part of a project are submitted to the FMS Design Department on a project request form. If you submit a request on our iService desk to move items that are part of an existing project, please indicate that on your service request.

Telephone and Computer


Office Furniture (excluding Modular Furniture)

Modular Furniture

A layout drawing of how you want your new office arranged is most helpful or the movers will just place the items as they assume you would like it. Before moving, we suggest taping a drawing to the top of your desk showing the furniture layout.

Should you have any additional questions or require any special assistance, please feel free to contact FMS Customer Support at ext. 6222.   Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.