Moving Services Information

Planning your move requires a great deal of coordination and time. The response time for moving services depends on the number of requests we have received, staff resources, the complexity of your request, and previously scheduled support of campus events. 


For Basic Moving Services provide FMS with a service request at least 10 working days in advance of your move. List state decal numbers for computer equipment, electronics, refrigerators, etc., on your service request and property transaction forms.  FMS will not be responsible for items that wre damaged in transport to the University.

Examples of Basic Moves are:
  • Seating; chairs, tablet armchairs, tables for instructional purposes, ADA seating, or deliveries for classroom set-ups, all coordinated through Academic Publications, ext. 4535.  Moves associated with a project are not basic moves and are offered as a reimbursed activity.
  • Moving of office furniture and small equipment to/from surplus property.
  • Moving of a piece of office furniture from one office to another.
  • Pick-up and delivery of printed materials for instructional purposes such as testing and student evaluation forms.
  • Small equipment items at the Receiving Department to be delivered to campus for approved state departments.  These items can be moved if a forklift is not required.

Examples of  Non-Basic Moves Provided by FMS as Reimbursements are:

  • Large or heavy items under 500lbs. and fit into the elevator (will be assessed on an individual basis).
  • Moves associated with a project require a project request form and are considered a charge-back service.
  • Office moves involving more than a two-office swap.
  • Large quantities of any item (will need to be assessed on an individual basis).
  • Items that require a forklift will constitute a charge.

Examples of Special Event Support Service Moves are: (Initiated through Facilities Reservations, 898-6118)

  • Delivery and pick-up of tables and chairs for events for approved State Departments.
  • Event services are offered to Auxiliary organizations as a reimbursed activity.

Event requests are submitted through the Facilities Reservations Office via e-mail,, or by calling (530)898-6118.  These requests are not treated as a basic move on the FMS i-Service desk but submitted on a special Facility and Equipment Request form (FERF) through the Facilities Reservations office.

Examples of moves that are the Requesting Department's Responsibility and are not provided by FMS are:

  • Heavy items 500lbs and over.
  • Oversized items that cannot fit into the elevator.
  • Items purchased by the department that are not state property.
  • Fragile or sensitive items (i.e. lab equipment).
  • Modular Furniture and items delivered directly from the vendor.

NOTE:  Large items that require a forklift to move or heavy items 500 lbs. or over, which the campus moving crew cannot handle, will be the responsibility of the requesting department.  Items requiring this special handling will need to be moved by an off-campus vendor at the expense of the requesting department.  Upon ordering, please notify the Procurement Office of any items that fall under the above criteria for special handling.

Move preparation