Meriam Library Waterproofing


The Meriam Library Water Intrusion Remediation project will consist of major underground remediation and re-design of the library breezeway. The project will include the removal and replacement of the decorative breezeway concrete. The exterior basement waterproofing system will be removed and replaced.  An inviting space will be created with the construction of concrete seat walls, planters, and a central tree. The project will include full replacement of storefront and doors at the east and west sides of the breezeway. The library lobby entrance and exit doors will be re-configured to account for high foot traffic. Water damaged finishes will be removed and replaced in the basement. Construction started May 22, 2017. Completion is currently scheduled for August 18, 2017.


2015-10 Press Release - CSU, Chico Completes Meriam Library Breezeway Construction Project

2017-05 Meriam Library Update

2017-04 Meriam Library Update