About Campus Public Art

The innovative public art collection at Chico State activates buildings and outdoor spaces as gathering sites, places of contemplation, and reflections of our community. Take a walking tour of public art on the Chico State campus.

For more information about the individual public art projects, select an image below.

The Campus Public Arts Committee (CPAC) is a subcommittee of the Campus Planning Committe (CPC) and is responsible for making recommendations for integrating public art on the Chico State campus. The mission of the CPAC is to implement a high quality public art program that will educate and enrich the lives of students and the campus community through engagement with public art. For more information about the Campus Public Arts Committee follow this link HERE.

detail of steel silhouettes by Walczak & Heiss detail of Academe mural by John Pugh Ring Roll
detail of concrete women by Deborah Masters detail of concrete monoliths by student artists detail of granite sculpture by Steve Gillman
detail of Flame logo sculpture by Tim Stewart detail of plaster gloves by Michael Bishop detail of glass and alumnimum sculpture by art students