FALL 2004. Class: GLNN 314

PROFESSOR: Nitish Singh

Office: Tehama 469

Office Hours: 11:30 Ė 12:30 pm Tuesday & Thursday, 12:00 Ė 3:00 pm Wednesday (By Appointment)

Phone: 898-6090




Course Objective:


The aim of this course is to expose students to concepts, methods and tools in strategic marketing to help them develop and implement a marketing strategy. The course is structured to help develop critical thinking skills and promote team work.


Course Material:


Instructor has created a custom book for this course in order to combine the best material from several text and case books. (Strategic Marketing 279. McGraw-Hill Primis ISBN: 0-390-48789-9). Over and above the material in this book the instructor will bring material and examples from other sources. Students are also encouraged to read Wall Street Journal and other business news journals on regular basis.


Further readings and material will be provided for this class.


Class Participation (10 points):


Class participation will involve verbal and electronic contributions.


Verbal contributions: will involve active participation in class discussions, willingness to share ideas and experiences, and providing new insights into latest developments in marketing strategy. Most of all, I expect all students to be proactive and be willing to make contributions at every given opportunity. (5 points)


Electronic Discussion: This is a platform, which gives you an opportunity to show your enthusiasm about the class in general and Strategic marketing in particular. Instructor will welcome e-mail contributions that expand on chapter readings, and relevant web sites with brief summary of the content. I also look forward to receiving interesting articles, print ads, and news clippings that contribute to the class discussions. (3 points).


Instructor will also welcome your personal opinions, insights, and experiences related to the course, class discussions, and your day-to-day activities in context of the class. You are encouraged to please see me personally on individual basis so we can maintain an interactive dialogue about your progress in the class. Personal meetings are also important if you need advice, help or resources to perform better in the class. (2 points).


Attendance Policy (10 points):


Mere attendance in the class is not sufficient to achieve a passing grade. Repeated failure to prepare for the class will affect your participation and attendance grade. Class participants are expected to do the assigned readings for each class. More than two absences or repeated failure to prepare for the class will result in a loss of 2 points per incidence. Instructor also expects students to be punctual for the class. If more than five minutes late, please talk to the instructor after the class. In every class an attendance sheet will be passed, and it is each studentís responsibility to check the attendance, failure to do so would result in an absence.


Midterms, Finalís and Projects.


There will be one midterm written exam (October 12th) and one final written exam (Final Week). Final Exams will be comprehensive exams. Both exams will involve short or essay type questions. In addition to the exams there will 5 case projects, each worth 5 points (25 points). Students will be assigned in teams and will be required to maintain a personal log. The personal log should contain a brief summary of individualís contribution to the team project. In addition to a personal log each student will fill out a peer evaluation form. The deadlines for submission of case reports will be announced in the class.


Class Participation:†††† 10 points

Attendance: ††† ††††††††††† 10 points

Midterms: †††††† ††††††††††† 25 points

Case Projects: ††††††††††††††††††††††† 25 points

Final exams: †††††††††††††† 30 points




90 - 100%†††††† A

86 - 89%†††††††† B+

80 - 85%†††††††† B

76 - 79%†††††††† C+

70 - 75%†††††††† C

60 - 69%†††††††† D

††† < 60%†††††††† F


Miscellaneous But Important Caveats:



Class Schedule:


Week 1†††††††††† Introduction and Chapter 1

Week 2†††††††††† Chapters 2 & 3

Week 3†††††††††† Chapters 4

Week 4†††††††††† Chapter 5

Week 5†††††††††† Chapter 6

Week 6†††††††††† Financial concepts in Marketing

Week 7†††††††††† Chapter 7

Week 8†††††††††† Chapter 8 and Midterms

Week 9†††††††††† Chapter 8 & 14

Week 10†††††††† Chapter 9 & 10

Week 11†††††††† Chapter 11 & Case Analysis

Week 12†††††††† Case 1 & 2

Week 13†††††††† Case 3 & 4

Week 14†††††††† Thanksgiving break

Week 15†††††††† Case 5

Week 16†††††††† Revision

Final exams week.