The Board, 2017-2018

2017–2018 Officers

Tom Villa

Tom Villa, ‘82

Position: Chair

Director, Business Development & Content, Verizon Communications, Inc

Stuart Casillas

Stuart Casillas, ‘96

Position: Vice Chair

Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Michael Prime

Michael Prime

Position: Past Chair

Retired Founder, Option Care

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Debra Cannon

Debra Cannon, ‘77

Co-Owner & CEO,

Gayle Robin

Dr. Robin Gayle


Dylan Gray

Dylan Gray

Student Representative

Doug Guerrero

Doug Guerrero

Retired Regional Vice President West, CEMEX

Dave Hodson

David Hodson, ‘90, ‘92

Partner, Director of Development, Microsoft Corporation - Skype

Rand Hutchinson

Rand Hutchison, ‘73, ‘77

Founder and former CEO, Travidia Inc., CSUC Faculty - College of Business

Lance Lew

Lance Lew, ‘79

Director, Community Marketing, NBC Bay Area

Tom Martin

Tom Martin, ‘66

Owner, Martin Orchards, Retired President, Durham Pump, Inc.

Marcia Moore

Dr. Marcia Moore

Cardiologist and Former Chief of Medicine, Enloe Medical Center

Chuck Nelson

Chuck Nelsen, Jr.

Director, Bank of America
Merrill Lynch

Darryl Schoen

Darryl Schoen

President, Manufactures Services

Sylvia Seufferlein

Sylvia Seufferlein

Realtor, Sereno Group

Susan Vukovatz

Susan Vukovatz

Independent Human Resources Professional

Ex Officio Members

Gayle Hutchinson

Gayle E. Hutchinson

President, CSU, Chico

Ahmad Boura

Ahmad Boura

Position: CEO

Vice President for University Advancement

Debra Larson

Debra Larson

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Robbi Stivers

Robbi Stivers

Position: Treasurer

Vice President for Business and Finance


Dylan Gray

Dylan Gray

Student Representative

Dave Scotto

Dave Scotto

Alumni Representative

Emilyn Sheffield

Emilyn Sheffield

Faculty Representative, College of Communication and Education

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Meeting Dates


Thursday, October 05, 2017
Friday, October 06, 2017

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Friday, February 23, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Friday, June 22, 2018


Thursday, October 04, 2017
Friday, October 05, 2017

Thursday, February 21, 2018
Friday, February 22, 2018

Thursday, June 20, 2018
Friday, June 21, 2018


Thursday, October 03, 2019
Friday, October 04, 2019

Thursday, February 20, 2019
Friday, February 21, 2019

Thursday, June 25, 2019
Friday, June 26, 2019

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