Area Information

Colusa Hall Information

  • Room use information, diagrams for both CLSA 100A (108 cap room) and CLSA 100B (90 cap room).

Campus Tent Information

Computer Lab Information

Electrical Information for Exterior Locations

Independent HVAC Locations 

Parking Information

  • Link to the University Police Website

Room Assignments by Department (LSFM)

  • Comprehensive list of every room on campus with room details and department jurisdiction.

Room Descriptions

  • Detailed information for each room on campus, most include photos.

Selvester's Cafe-by-the-Creek

  • Room use information, signage & diagrams for both SELV 100 (large room) and SELV 104 (formerly known as the Faculty/Staff Dining Room).

Student Services Center (SSC) Conference Room Information

  • Room use, details and conference call information.

Tabling Space

Warren's Center

  • Physical Address:  341 Mansion Avenue
  • Use guidelines.