Academic Status Committee

Patrick Doyle Agriculture (16) AGR 6586 310
Vince Ornelas Social Work (16) BSS 5445 229
(17) BUS
Michelle Givertz CDES (16) CME 5751 502
(17) ECC
John Traver English (15) HFA 3123 830
Russell Shapiro Geo & Env Sci (15) NS 4300 205
Frank Li Honors Program (15) UED 4767 115
Kim DuFour Advising N/A N/A 4466 555

Appointment: One faculty member from each College by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate (obtain nominees from Deans in May)

When: Fall

Term: 3 year staggered

Duties: To receive and act upon requests for academic clearance from disqualification for all students who don't have declared majors assigned to a school. It will also review appeals from decisions at the college level.

Note: Kim DuFour from Advising will call the meetings (ext. 5712)

EM 05-03