Campus Facilities Use Committee

Name DepartmentTermCollege
Mallory Prucha Music & Theatre (19) HFA

Term:   2 year

CFU Responsibilities

The Campus Facilities Use Committee (CFU) is established by the President to review and recommend policy governing the short-term scheduling and use of university facilities. It establishes procedures for implementing policies and guidelines for facilities scheduling. It will serve as the referral and review body for adjudicating disputes arising from facilities use, policies, and procedures and may make temporary exceptions or adjustments to established policy to meet specific scheduling problems or issues. Such exceptions from established policies and procedures will be reported to the appropriate vice presidents at the earliest opportunity. Academic course scheduling is always of prime importance and prioritized over all other scheduling.

Two year term:
Faculty Representative (appointed by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate) 

Officers: The Chair and Secretary will be selected from the permanent members by the Committee at the first meeting of the academic year. The duties of the Chair and Secretary include, but are not limited to, conferring and deciding immediate issues and report to the committee. The first meeting will be called by the Director of University Public Events.

EM#:  13-078