Campus Sustainability Committee

Colleen Hatfield   Biological Sciences (18) NS 4235 515
Timothy Sistrunk History (18) HFA 4202 735

17 Members:

  • Co-Chairs:
    1.  Vice President of Academic Affairs (or designee)
    2.  Vice President of Business and Finance (or designee)
  • Ex-officio members:
    1. The Senior Director of facilities (or designee)
    2. The Director of Planning, Design, and Construction (or designee)
    3. The Executive Director of the Associated Students (or designee)
    4. Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development (or designee)
    5. Sustainability Coordinator (or designee)
    6. The Associated Students Environmental Affairs Commissioner (or designee)
    7. The Associated Students Sustainability Coordinator (or designee)
  • Others:
    1. Representative appointed by the President
    2. Representative appointed by the Vice President of University Advancement
    3. Representative appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs
    4. Staff member appointed by Staff Council
    5. Staff member from Information Resources
    6. Student appointed by the Associated Students
    7. Faculty member appointed by Academic Senate (potentially the GE Sustainability Pathway Coordinator)
    8. Faculty member appointed by Academic Senate

Faculty Appointmenst:  Two faculty members are appointed by the Academic Senate Executive Committee

When: Spring

Term: Two years, optional renewal.

Duties: See EM 11-017