Enrollment Management Advisory Committee

Baohui Song Agriculture (20) AGR
Diana Dwyre Political Science (18) BSS
Michael Rehg, Chair Management (20) BUS
Jennifer Meadows Communication Design (17) CME
Chris Souder Construction Management (18) ECC
Jeff Livingston History (20) HFA
Jodi Shepherd Library (20) LIB
Jeff Bell Biological Sciences (20) NS
Jed Wyrick Senate Chair (18) HFA
Rick Ford Statewide Senator (20) NS
Judy Hennessey Dean (19) BUS
Dylan Gray AS President (18) AS
Jim Aird Staff Council  (18) Staff
Dan Reed Student Affairs (18) SA
Barbara Fortin Associate VP - Enrollment Management N/A ---
Adam Stoltz Director of Admissions N/A ---
Ben Juliano Interim Chief Institutional Research Officer N/A --
Kaitlyn Baumgartner Lee Ex-Officio, Director of Academic Advising N/A --
Daniel Parks Ex-Officio, Registrar N/A --

Farshad Azad, University Advisory Board member
Allen Renville, Butte Community College representative

Appointment: Eight full-time faculty members, one faculty member chosen from each college and Information Resources for three year staggered terms, nominated/ recommended by deans or faculty, and selected by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.

Term: Three-year staggered

Duties: See EM 02-109

Note: Chair of committee shall be chosen each year at the last meeting in May from the full time faculty members on the Committee. The chair position shall be for one year, unless re-elected, from June 1 to May 31. The Executive Committee shall select the initial chair of the committee.

EMAC Agendas and Minutes

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan