Executive Management Evaluation and Development

Susan Avanzino Communication Arts and Sciences CME (17) 6850 502
Brian Oppy Psychology BSS (17) 5147 234
Kathryn Silliman Nutrition & Food Science NS (18) 6245 002
Chuck Zartman, Chair CBIL CME (18) 4069 444
Angela Trethewey Dean Appt. by Provost CME (18) 4015 145
Jed Wyrick (Pres. designee) Comparative Religion HFA (18) 6379 740
Annette Heileson Staff Council NS (17) 6805 002

Appointment: Four full-time faculty selected by the Executive Committee

Others:   One permanent staff member, One presidential appointee,
One dean, not slated for review that cycle

Term: 2 years

Duties: To serve in the selection of individuals to fill all vacancies in executive posts occurring from resignation, transfer, removal, retirement, or from the creation of new posts. This committee reports annually to the Academic Senate.

EM 03-010 - Executive Management Evaluation & Development
EM 04-043 - Executive Management Selection Committee