Financial Aid Advisory Committee

Emily Huang    Finance & Marketing (15) BUS  6188 051


  • Dan Reed, Chair, FASO
  • Anita Barker, Athletics
  • TBD, Student Financial Aid
  • Chris Malone, EOPS
  • Steve Irving, Student Employment
  • (A.S. Dir. of Legislative Affairs)
  • Annabel Grimm, Housing
  • Diana Parks, Graduate School
  • Kim DuFour, Advising Center
  • TBA - Student Rep/EOPS
  • TBA - Admissions

(FASO stands for Financial Aid & Scholarship Office)

Appointment: 1 faculty member selected by the officers of the Academic senate

When: Spring

Term: Renewable

Duties: Committee meets 4-6 times per year to discuss financial aid policy. Little outside work or research is needed. Discussions have included satisfactory academic progress determination; mission statements; determining need for athletic scholarships; projected State University Grant expenditures in a funding reduction environment; YRO; and changes to the short-term loan program.