Internal Research Grants Committee, formerly known as Research & Sponsored Programs

Hossein Zakeri Agriculture (19) AGR
Jesse Dizard Anthropology (20) BSS
Curtis DeBerg Accounting (20) BUS
John Azevedo Kinesiology (19) CME
Adel Ghandakly Electrical & Computer Engineering (17) ECC
Erin Kelly English (20) HFA
vacant IR
Donna Greenberg Library (20) LIB
Jinsong Zhang Chemistry and Biochemistry (19) NS

Director of Sponsored Programs chairs the committee.

Nominated: Eight faculty members, one nominated from and by each academic college and Information Resources, and selected  by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. Terms of appointment: three years, staggered. Each will have a history of involvement in research, scholarship, and creative activities.

When: Every three years

Term: 3 years

Duties: Promote the participation by all members of the University community in sponsored programs and research activities; provide advice and recommendations on policy matters with regard to the operation of sponsored program on the campus; serve as a campus voice in promotion and providing recognition for sponsored program activities; review and recommend to the dean proposals submitted for internal grant competitions that support research, scholarship, creative activities, demonstration projects, and other related activities.

Reports annually to the Academic Senate.

See EM 14-012.