Public Safety Advisory Committee

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Ex officio members:

  • Chief of CSU, Chico Police Department
  • Kate McCarthy, (Interim) Dean of Undergraduate Education (or designee)
  • Staff Council Chair, (or designee)
  • AS President, (or designee)
  • CC Carter, Asst. VP for Student Life (or designee)
  • Marvin Pratt, Dir. of Environmental Health and Safety (or designee)
  • Michael Guzzi, Dir. of Facilities Mgmt. Services (or designee)
  • Mike Thorpe, Risk Manager (or designee)
  • Farshad Azad, Community Member
  • Ricardo Jacquez, Provost's Acad. Dean rep. 
  • Robbi Stivers, VPBF (or designee)

: Two faculty members by the Academic Senate Chair.

Term: 2 years

Duties: To promote the cause of safety throughout the university and to increase awareness of safety conditions and programs among all members of the university community. Will assist in describing the means for involving campus Public Safety Officers in the life of the university in ways that will achieve the University's goals of creating an environment which is "most conducive to the intellectual, cultural, and personal development of its students."

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