Research & Sponsored Programs

Name Department Term College Phone Zip
Eric Houk Agriculture (16) AGR 4146 310
Ted Singelis Psychology (16) BSS  
4009 234
Richard Ponarul Finance and Marketing (16) BUS 6242 051
Barbara Sudick
Communication Design
(15) CME 5028 504
Ding Cheng
Civil Engineering (15) ECC 5457 930
Natalya Shkoda Music and Theatre (16) HFA 4043 805
Jodi Shepherd
(15) INF 5499 295
Shane Mayor Geological and Environmental Sciences (16)
NS 6337 205

Director of Sponsored Programs, Carol Sager, chairs the committee.

Elected: By the faculty members of the respective college or school. Each will have a history of involvement in research, scholarship, and creative activities.

When: Every three years

Term: 3 years

Duties: Promote the participation by all members of the University community in sponsored programs and research activities; provide advice and recommendations on policy matters with regard to the operation of sponsored program on the campus; serve as a campus voice in promotion and providing recognition for sponsored program activities; review and recommend to the dean proposals submitted for internal grant competitions that support research, scholarship, creative activities, demonstration projects, and other related activities.

Reports annually to the Academic Senate.