University Budget Committee

Betsy Boyd Senate Chair, Chair UBC (17) SEN 6201
Rick Ford Vice Chair, Vice Chair UBC (17) NS 6111
Tim Sistrunk Secretary, Secretary UBC (17) HFA 4202
Jennifer Meadows FASP Chair (17) CME 4775
Joe Crotts EPPC Chair (17) INF 6675
Paula Selvester Immediate Past Chair (17) CME 6402
Ann Schulte Statewide Senator (17) CME 5248
Gayle E. Hutchinson President 5201
Debra Larson Provost/VPAA 6101
James Hyatt Interim VP Business & Finance 6231
Drew Calandrella VP Student Affairs 6131
Ahmad Boura VP University Advancement 5830
David Hassenzahl Dean (16) NS 6121
Jeffrey Bell At-large faculty member (17) NS 5371
Michael Pratt AS President (17) AS 5701
Brett Rahtz AS VP of Business and Finance (17) AS 5701
Annette Heileson Staff Council Chair (16) NS 6805
Staff to the Committee
Arno Rethans Interim Vice Provost, Budget and Academic Affairs 6415
Jeni Kitchell Budget Director (University Budget Officer) 5910
Bill Loker Dean, Undergraduate Education 6894
Sarah Blakeslee Interim Assoc. VP for Faculty Affairs 5029
Support Members
Stacie Corona Assoc. VP Financial Services  5730
TBD Facilities Mgmt. Interim Dir.     6222
Jennifer Mays AA/S, Academic Affairs 6566
Tim Sistrunk CFA President 4202
Sheryl Woodward Human Resources 6771
Barbara Fortin Assoc. VP, Enrollment Mgmt 4113

Appointment: Current Year

When: In May after Senate Elections  (Senate chair calls the first meeting in September.)

Term: One year

Responsibilities: To view the interrelationship of academic program and budget; to propose broad strategies for adjusting one to the other, and to review the effects of their implementation before adoption by the University.  

See EM 95-04.