University Budget Committee

Jed Wyrick Chair  (18) SEN
Betsy Boyd    Immediate past chair (18) AGR
Jeff Livingston Vice Chair  (18) HFA
Joe Crotts Secretary (18) LIB
Jennifer Wilking FASP Chair (18) BSS
Chiara Ferrari EPPC Chair (18) CME
Rick Ford Statewide Senator (18) NS
Paula Selvester Statewide Senator (18) CME
Gayle E. Hutchinson President
Debra Larson Provost/VPAA
Robbi Stivers VP Business & Finance
Pedro Douglas Interim VP Student Affairs
Ahmad Boura VP University Advancement
David Hassenzahl Dean (18) NS
Jeff Trailer At-large faculty member (18) BUS
Dylan Gray AS President (18) AS
Taylor Rogers AS VP of Business and Finance (18) AS
Jim Aird Staff Council Chair (18)
Staff to the Committee
Jeni Kitchell Budget Director (University Budget Officer)
Bill Loker Interim Vice Provost for Acad Programs
Evanne O'Donnell Interim Assoc. Vice Provost
Jennifer Mays Interim Assoc. Vice Provost for Budget & Academic Resources
Support Members
Stacie Corona Assoc. VP Financial Services 
Michael Guzzi Facilities Mgmt. Director    
Tim Sistrunk CFA President
Sheryl Woodward Human Resources Director
Barbara Fortin Assoc. VP, Enrollment Mgmt

Appointment: Current Year

Term: One year

Responsibilities: To view the interrelationship of academic program and budget; to propose broad strategies for adjusting one to the other, and to review the effects of their implementation before adoption by the University.  

See EM 05-017