University Writing Committee

Jude Bayham AGR (19) 4632
Cindy Ratekin BSS (17) 5250
April Howell BUS (19) 3363
Rachel Middleman HFA (18) 5850
Miriam Walter NS (17) 6379

Ex-Officio Members

  • Chris Fosen, Chair (Provost Designee)
  • Representative from GE Oversight Committee
  • Bill Loker, EPPC Representative
  • Chela Patterson, EOP, Representative from the Student Learning Center

Committee Chair: The chair of the committee is jointly appointed by the Provost and the Academic Senate Executive Committee to a three year term.

Members: The Provost and the Academic Senate Executive Committee, upon the recommendation of the academic deans, shall jointly appoint one representative from each college to three-year staggered terms. The Provost or a Provost designee, a representative from a GE oversight committee, a member of EPPC, and a representative from the Student Learning Center shall serve as ex-officio members.

EM 99-03 will be revised by this committee. 

Term: 3 years, staggered

When: Spring