University Writing Committee

Jude Bayham AGR (19) 4632
Cindy Ratekin BSS (17) 5250
April Howell BUS (19) 3363
Stephen Caldes CME (19) 5636
Kurtis Kredo ECC (19) 4414
Rachel Middleman HFA (18) 5850
Miriam Walter NS (17) 6379

Ex-Officio Members

  • Chris Fosen, Chair (Provost Designee)
  • Representative from GE Oversight Committee
  • Bill Loker, EPPC Representative
  • Chela Patterson, EOP, Representative from the Student Learning Center

Committee Chair: The chair of the committee is jointly appointed by the Provost and the Academic Senate Executive Committee to a three year term.

Members: The Provost and the Academic Senate Executive Committee, upon the recommendation of the academic deans, shall jointly appoint one representative from each college to three-year staggered terms. The Provost or a Provost designee, a representative from a GE oversight committee, a member of EPPC, and a representative from the Student Learning Center shall serve as ex-officio members.

EM 99-03 will be revised by this committee. 

Term: 3 years, staggered

When: Spring