1st EPPC February Minutes

EPPC Minutes -- February 9, 2012

Attendance: Way, Ford, Crotts, Nichols, Challinger, Nice, Dizard, Schindler, Avanzino, Selvester, Sudduth, Kaiser, Lillibridge, Rowberg, Baumgartner, Phipps, Bryan

  1. Minutes approved from last meeting
  2. Agenda approved for February 9, 2012 meeting
  3. Announcements: There were several announcements from EPPC members.
    1. Take back the night events, March 5-9
    2. Let's get it on musical fundraiser, February 10, Harlen Adams Theatre
    3. CNSA (student nurses) first annual charity dinner/dance fundraiser in BMU, Feb 24, BMU ball room
    4. Vagina monologues February 10th and 11th
    5. The College of Agriculture Career Fair is Wed. Feb 15 from 10 am to 2 pm at the University Farm pavilion.
    6. Temple Grandin is visiting campus on the same date and is speaking at the BMU at 9 am and 11 am. Tickets for this event are sold out.
  4. Discontinue BS in Instructional Design & Technology Introduction Item – There is still a minor that is healthy. Choice of department was to focus on the minor only. Passed as Intro item.
  5. Discontinue MA Interdisciplinary Studies: Mathematics Education K-8 Introduction Item - Discussion regarding need of program vs discontinue related to interdisciplinary nature of program. Clarification received that resources were an issue and the department wanted to support the other master’s program, so this was taking care of paperwork that wasn’t done previously.  Passed as Intro item.
  6. Significant Change: MS Psychology Introduction Item - Rationale provided that the changes in the curriculum were to keep the program in line with new state law to increase 60 units. Clarification given where changes made and four courses were added in order to be in compliance with new state regulations. Resource of one new faculty needed was discussed, had been requested but was not approved. The department believes that they can cover the changes in short term with part time faculty. New courses discussed with rationale for their focus and content. Practicum issues discussed & difficulties of paid positions verses internships that are not paid. Trainee language verses internship language was also discussed. The issue was raised regarding the need to obtain approval for one new faculty position and whether the case could be made that it was needed for accreditation. No resolution on this discussion was reached. Passed as Intro Item.
  7. Reorganization: Child Development Program to Department – Introduction Item - Rationale provided for the change from a program to a department. The questions was asked about whether Child Development had been approved as a TMC yet. Reply that it was in the works but not ready yet. Passed as Intro Item.
  8. Discussion Item – CSU Sonoma resolution – Chair of EPPC explained the resolution and its history. It was written in Sept and many changes have been made since that time, so the question was raised as to whether the resolution was still relevant as something that CSUC wanted to support or adopt. The context for original resolution was provided. Suggestions were made that perhaps CSUC might want to share with other CSUs how shared governance has been successful on our campus. Base budget explained for state Senate money allocation for State Senators. Changes will take place for the next A/Y but campuses still have to cover spring expenses for State Senators. Discussion ensued as to whether a vote of no confidence in the Chancellor would be an affective effective strategy; the general feeling among Senators was that perhaps not. The suggestion was made that Senator Kaiser might talk to FASP members to provide rationale and background to that group; which was strongly supported among the group. Student representative feels we at Chico have a good shared governance model here. General consensus was that EPPC felt we would hold off on any resolution now. Some discussion about whether policies come down from the CO’s office that mandate certain issues if we don't take action now. Ultimately this came around to the general discussion on campus that wide discussions need to take place about our academic culture on this campus that President Zingg is currently supporting. Discussion ensued about this topic as well.
  9. Discussion Item – Technology and the Profession Committee. This item sparked much discussion and debate among EPPC members. The highlights will be presented here. Some background information was presented initially by Kathy Kaiser about Cal State Online and the new Director, Ruth Black (not an academic) for that campus. Some of the worst case scenarios were presented, which related to 7-12 grades in terms of Pivit Online, which are charter schools online for this age group and that we want to keep this sort of scenario from happening in the CSU. Highlights:
    1. a request was made for lecturer representation on the committee
    2. issues raised about obtaining faculty input and then bringing ideas back to Senate
    3. related to recent presentation from President Zingg about the academic culture at CSUC
    4. committee membership will include both skeptics of online education and those that embrace it and the importance of civic discussion taking place
    5. concerns raised about the Red Balloon Project and faculty feeling there was insufficient faculty input
    6. overlap concerns with UTAC – heavily administrative membership, whereas this committee is heavily faculty
    7. questions raised about whether SF State’s online policy passed or not
    8. questions came up about whether we as a campus could ‘opt out’ of Cal State Online. Clarification that really all campuses were participating in the monetary request that had been made
    9. professional life of online professors -  commitment to campus, assessment issues, quality, our own campus issues and degrees
    10. CSUC campus wants a well-organized approach to these issues, hence the committee
    11. Title of committee questioned, should it be Teaching and the Profession
    12. Discussion about use of technology and teaching, addition of technology to teaching, terminology (such as on campus, hybrid, online, etc)
    13. Labor issues raised and outsourcing of material
    14. Technology – what really is it > tool, methodology, pedagogy?
    15. The need to move quickly/urgency expressed by several members and that curricular retooling was happening now, there was student demand for online, how will that be handled?
    16. Rules need to be clarified, is WASC approval needed to move courses to online, who makes decisions, faculty member, department chair?
    17. E-academy issues – implications to current programs, intellectual property (important process for the committee will be to meet with e-academy faculty to get their views)
    18. Wide faculty consultation will take place, perhaps talk to colleges, have forum opportunities, similar to GE design and implementation
    19. Modes of instruction – no formal process or policy if modes of instruction change
  10. Other: EPPC members would like an update on the SET process to Senate
  11. Adjourn 4pm

Respectively submitted,

Jennifer Lillibridge