2nd EPPC February Minutes

Academic Senate
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M  E   M   O   R   A   N   D   U  M

 TO: Educational Policies and Programs Committee

FROM: Lori Beth Way, Chair                                    

DATE: February 13, 2012                                                         

SUBJ: EPPC AGENDA – February 16, 2012, Kendall 207, 2:30 p.m.        

Attendance: Kaiser, Rowberg (Lillibridge), Sudduth (Selvester), Baumgartner, Phipps, Wolf, Shepard, Azanvino, Dizard (Allen), Ford (Crotts), Challinger, Boyd (secretary), Nichols, Nice, Way, MacDougal (Gutowski)

1. Approve minutes of February 9, 2012 -- Approved

2. Approve agenda of February 16, 2012 -- Approved

3. Announcements

Dizard-- CA Indian Voices film Thurs at 4pm

Way-- Gavin Newsom at Laxson this week

4.  Discontinue BS in Instructional Design & Technology:  – Action Item--passed unanimously

Welsh--typically this type of program is offered as a graduate program, and the program has been converted to a minor with over 50 students taking the minor, as compared to the fewer than 20 in the major.

Dizard--with only 2 faculty remaining, is there adequate faculty to serve the minor?


Nice--"no other program in the country" statement...how should we interpret that?

Welsh--that it is not typically offered to UG, rather it is typically a graduate program

Sudduth--were the number of faculty serving the major the reason for the decline in the major?

Welsh--no. We did lose several faculty -FERPing

Challinger--why was our program not successful?

Welsh--Chico is not located in a metro area where these types of programs typically get 'feeder' students

Dizard--was this a unanimous decision by the faculty in the dept? Any opposition?

Welsh--yes, mostly unanimous

5. Discontinue MA Interdisciplinary Studies: Mathematics Education K-8  – Action Item--passed by majority, one vote against

summary: not enough demand; faculty originators have now retired or moved on so no one is pushing this forward; the program was already defacto, this measure is to make it formal.

discussion regarding how this program is vital to K-8 teachers, but there is no financial incentives for preservation of jobs in this industry. Why cancel now? There is an administration push to get suspended programs off the books.

6. Significant Change: MS Psychology – Action Item--Passed unamimously

general comments regarding loss of faculty = loss of programs

7.  Reorganization: Child Development Program to Department – Action Item--passed unanimously

child development permit discussion...only BA program in CSU. Kaiser raised point of APEP needing info for Montessori Waldorf philosophy teaching...CSU child devel is not based on those philosophies.

8. Other

Nice-- GE questions:

1. Are dept offering courses supposed to get them on the books for this fall? Many are not showing up on tentative schedule.

2. What about writing intensive enrollment caps --- on agenda for cab to discuss caps

Kaiser--faculty advisor for the majors don't know how to advise students to transition students, where's the calculator/cookbook for students in transition hoping to substitute courses.

Several senators expressed concern about the transition for student advising.

Azanvino-- suggestion for triage sessions during advising.

Challinger-- advisors planning entire year need help.

Wolf-- grad initiative mtg suggested need for advisors to get support

Nichols--advanced course substitutions only for foundation courses due tomorrow only for courses each dept is responsible for teaching; for major course substitutions (due fri feb 24) can have up to three but can't get a minor after that; capstone will be another substitution later

Way-- see the EM for deadlines

Boyd--Open university students cannot access services? Library access? Librarians will investigate.

9. Adjourn