1st EPPC May Minutes

Academic Senate
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M   E   M   O   R   A   N   D   U   M

TO:                  Educational Policies and Programs Committee
FROM:            Lori Beth Way, Chair                         
DATE:             August 25, 2008                                                                     
SUBJ:              EPPC Minutes – May 8, 2008, Café by the Creek, 2:30 p.m. 

Attendance: Berglund Smith, Berry, Brady, Challinger, Chiang, Collins, Crotts, Daley, Edelmann, Ellingson, Ford, Gatton, Geddie, Lillibridge, Loker, Meadows, Misra (Berry proxy), Ryder Fox, Selvester, Sudduth, Tinkler, Trechter, Way, Wyrick

Absent: Alexander, Bataller-Hodges, Song
Guests:  Johnston, Fayek, Winslow, Allen, Hutchinson, Chase, Guenter, Patton, Bishop, Chase, Morlock, Cannon, Kelley, Rowen, Wenter

1.         Minutes of April 24, 2008 were approved.

2.         May 8, 2008 Agenda was approved.

3.         Announcements: none

4.         Significant changes to the BS in Computer Science—Fayek presented changes to the program considering past EPPC input.  The revised document and action item passed unanimously.
5.         Significant changes to the BS in Computer Information Systems—Fayek presented changes to the program considering past EPPC input.  The revised document and action item passed unanimously.

6.         Name Change Pattern in Educational Administration Advising Pattern within MA in Education to Educational Leadership and Administration Option---Guenter presented the document with catalog copy delineating the courses, and assured the committee that the catalog copy would be included. The revised document passed as an action item.

6b.        Way presented a thank you from EPPC to outgoing Chair Trechter resulting in her great astonishment, embarrassment, and continued appreciation for the smartest, hardest working committee on campus.

7.         New Minor in Photographic Studies—Patton presented changes to the program considering past EPPC input, focusing largely on the problem of prerequisites and course sequencing.  The revised document and action item passed.

8.         Significant changes Applied Ecology Option—Johnston summarized the revised curriculum and the compromise reached with Geography and Plannning.  The item passed as an action item.

9.         Name ChangeRural and Town Planning to Environmental Policy and Planning,  Loker moved, Collins seconded. Chase summarized the process of and changes to the name.  Edelman expressed concern about the process in which the accompanying curriculum changes were deemed to be minor and not under the purview of EPPC, and encouraged the graduate school to be more vigilant about process in future.  Item passed as introduction.  Daley moved, Wyrick seconded to suspend rules to bring item forward as Action. 
Passed by a 2/3 majority.  After discussion, item passed as an action item.

10.        Special Major Report—Associate Dean of GIIS, Morlock, reported the trends in special majors, including numbers of students, average GPA’s, and ongoing goals of the programs.  Morlock was encouraged to share the report with department chairs and the Council of Academic Deans.

11.        Sustainability and General Education Tracks—Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Loker, reported on a pilot project to create a specialized track in GE for students who take courses focusing on sustainability.  Discussion ensued concerning difficulty of maintaining a sustainability designation for certain GE courses such as freshman composition, in monitoring the process, monitoring the completion of the courses, methods for recognizing student completion of the program.  Concern was expressed regarding the current process (or lack of) for designating a course as “green/sustainable,” potential bottlenecks if too few courses are designated, catalog complexity, coherence in program, quality and expertise in teaching sustainability at the GE level, and whether such specialization devalued a liberal education experience.

12.        Low Enrolled Programs (Options/Patterns)—Cannon, Rowen, and Kelley discussed potential changes to the catalog at large as they considered deleting the subcategory of patterns within options.  Currently, these have no official status in the CSU, but are advising tracks.  A great deal of personnel and time are needed to monitor these and any ‘modifications’ made to them external to academic departments.  Discussion emphasized that deleting patterns would allow students more flexibility, potentially resulting in earlier graduation; on the other hand, such patterns allow faculty and administration to track students within certain disciplines to recommend a series of courses to fulfill their goals after graduation. They also play a role in department planning for future directions and recruitments.  The committee emphasized that Social Sciences and Liberal Studies should have a voice in the discussion before any future decision was made. Trechter agreed to summarize the discussion and forwad it on to the Provost, Enrollment Management, etc.

13.        Prerequisite Recommendations—The committee discussed the ongoing problem of numerous prerequisites that are 1) not enforced, but are actually recommendations, and 2) the difficulty that numerous prerequisites cause for interdisciplinary programs and the development of connections across the university.  The committee observed that “faculty permission” should be understood as a given rather than something necessary to state in the catalog and  that electronic systems cannot currently account for all community college  work or outside courses that students have taken.  One recommendation is to 1) ask departments to re-examine Prerequisites to determine if they are necessary or should be changed to Recommendations, 2) to ask departments subsequently to take advantage of CMS abilities to enforce prerequisites if so desired, and  3) to define Prerequisites and Recommendations on the CPCR so that departments understand the difference.

14.        Acknowledgements—The service of Berry, Lillibridge, Selvester, Tinkler, Wyrick, and Ford on the Special Majors Committee, University Writing Committee, Liberal Studies Steering Committee, Graduate Council, GEAC, and First Year Experience Committee, respectively was recognized.

15.        Other—The End of EPPC Spring 2008 celebration ensued.

16.        Adjourned at 4.42.

Respectfully submitted,

Sara Trechter