1st EPPC October Minutes

SUBJ:               EPPC-MINUTES–October 4, K-207, 2:30 p.m.         



1.    Approve minutes of September 20, 2012 meeting –substitute set of minutes submitted by Kaiser regarding her statement at the Sept 20 meeting about the statewide academic GEAC committee issues. Kaiser read the new minutes to the committee. The amendment was accepted. Only 9 programs currently over 120 units and all in the college of ECC reported by Crotts. Minutes approved with changes.


2.      Approve today’s agenda October 4, 2012 - approved


3.      Announcements and Introductions –


·        Tears of My Mother film at the El Ray free to public about gangs in Chico – encourage community engagement and comments. Questions raised regarding who made the film, answered Butte County Defender’s office

·        Student representative Lindsay Siegel introduced herself to group

·        Book in common Unquenchable, Oct 5 Laxon Auditorium

·        Oct domestic violence month – support by donating items to Catalyst, want to get students involved, Telling Amy’s Story Oct 12th, raising public awareness about domestic violence

·        The Fix – musical about politics now showing

·        Reminder about Sierra Oro passport trail

·        Tell Everyone Queer Week is coming Oct 8-12 – Gender & Sexuality Equity Center


  1. EPPC Meeting Format – Chair Selvester reviewed the EPPC meeting format, handout given to members, electronic on Bb learn.


5.                Proposed Name Change: B.A. in Religious Studies to B.A. in Comparative Religion (Jed Wyrick, Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities) Introduction Item – Introduced by Jason Clower who explained the rationale for the name change. Comparative religion represents global study and not religious study. Appropriate consultation has taken place. The reason Humanities is in the B.A. is that this area of the major has grown to significant size. Discussion by Kara Maas clarified that the department name change had gone through in Spring 2012. Passed introduction. Moved to suspend the rules and move to Action item. Passed.


Now action item. Minor discussion ensued regarding the benefits of moving to Action item. Passed as Action Item. Will be sent to the Senate next Senate meeting.


  1. Proposed Name Change: Minor in Religious Studies to Minor in Comparative Religion (Jed Wyrick, Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities) Introduction Item – Passed as Introduction item, passed. Motion to move to suspend the rules and move to Action Item. This passed and the item passed as Action Item. Will be discussed at Senate next Senate meeting.


  1. Other – Announcement that the CSU has a new Chancellor. Comment that historically there has been little cross over from UC to CSU and that this may be a positive move for the CSU.


  1. Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 3:07pm


Respectively submitted,


Jennifer Lillibridge