2nd EPPC November Minutes

California State University, Chico
Academic Senate

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M   E   M   O   R   A   N   D   U   M

TO:  Educational Policies and Programs Committee

FROM:  Paula M. Selvester, Chair                                          

DATE:  Dec. 3, 2012                                                                                                                

Minutes approved as corrected

Approve today’s agenda November 15, 2012
Agenda approved

3.  Announcements:
a. President’s reception following the meeting
b. Kaiser shared that Governor Brown attended CSU Board of Trustees and UC Board of Regents meetings to advise against instituting higher or additional fees in light of the passage of Prop. 30. California State Student Association, CSSA, submitted a resolution to the Board of Trustees regarding new fees www.calstate.edu/budget/student-fees/fee-rates. New CSU fees put on hold.
c. Dean Loker introduced new flow charts for Administrative Curriculum Processes. Addition of the Undergraduate Dean includes a review from an institutional perspective. Undergraduate Dean review added to the Minor Course Change/Minor Course Delete and Add/Delete/Major Course Change flow charts.  

d. Michael Barrett announced President Zingg has suspended all social Greek organizations because of violations during the fall semeste


Crotts suggested that discussion items need to be on the agenda as such rather than as announcements.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Cooprider

 Approve minutes of Nov. 8 meeting with corrections: Date at top or memorandum update to November 8 or later, and Item #6 line 4 change BA Art to BA Music.Discontinue of Outdoor Education Advising Pattern within Movement Studies within BA in Kinesiology (Scott Roberts, Kinesiology) Introduction ItemAdvising pattern was replaced by an option in Outdoor Education cleaning up catalog to reflect only the option. Discussion: Uncertainty as to whether advising patterns require EPPC and Senate discussion, Kara Maas indicated they are part of the EM at this time and so require the same process as an option or major. Concern expressed that approving this discontinuation does not affect current discussions regarding the option in Outdoor Education, assurance given that this is in no way connected. Pointed out that courses required for the advising pattern are no longer listed in the catalog only a statement regarding the suspension. This action will remove it completely. Motion carried as an introduction item.  Kaiser moved to suspend the rules to consider as an Action Item rather than wait        until the next EPPC meeting, motion carried. Motion carried as an action item and will go to the Senate.  Request made to discuss at the next EC regarding the necessity of advising patterns going through the same suspension or discontinuation process as options or majors  Discontinue of the Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Technology  (Tom Welsh, Communication Design Department) Introduction Item

Discussion: Introduction information traditionally low enrollments in this program due to the fact that we do not have a base for enrollment like San Diego State, San Jose State, and San Francisco State primarily working professionals looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge. We have lost core faculty that supported this program. We do have a minor that is doing well with 40 students and increasing interes

Motion carried as an introduction item.Kaiser moved to suspend the rules to consider as an Action Item rather than wait until the next EPPC meeting, motion carried.  Motion carried as an action item and will go to the Senate.