1st FASP February Minutes

Academic Senate
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Faculty and Student Policies Committee

February 9, 2012

Present: Clower, Cooprider (Scholtes), Deleon, Fairbanks, Gampel, Gundlach, Hyunjung (Rehg), Kotar, McCabe, Meadows, Miller, Mittman (Gampel), Monet, Postma, Rehg, Root, Schademan, Scholtes, Schierenbeck, Sistrunk, Smith, Traver  Absent: Allen, Kirchhoff, Long, Payne

  1. Chair Kotar arrived at 2:40 p.m. and presided over the meeting.
  2. Minutes approved from February 2, 2012 meeting with no changes.
  3. Today’s agenda approved with no changes.
  4. Announcements: Kotar, Postma and Meadows briefly summarized the previous week’s EC meeting, which focused on academic reorganization, information on the Sonoma State resolution on shared governance, and the announcement of the resignation of the provost. Gundlach shared thoughts and feelings about academic reorganization.
  5. Revision of FPPP 1.4b Nepotism - to align with current EM 09-008. A motion to amend was made by McCabe. Motion passed. Motion to approve as an action item; McCabe, Smith (s), passed by voice vote.
  6. Revision of FPPP 6.1.c.2. Gampel suggested that the committee consider the revision as two parts. Part A addressed changes to ensure that faculty participating in a search process and voting on a hire were aware of confidentiality requirements. Part B attempted to clarify the policy so that a vote is required on the candidate(s) to recommend for hire. Gampel reported that he had talked with human resources employees at other universities and found that faculty generally have access to all information in application files including letters of reference and evaluations of teaching performance. A motion to amend the clause on confidentiality was made and passed on a voice vote. Discussion ensued on the vote requirement clause. A motion to approve the revisions to FPPP 6.1.c.2 was made and passed on a voice vote.
  7. Proposed CSU, Chico resolution on the Chancellor and shared governance. Numerous comments were made opposed to the resolution and in support of the resolution. McCabe moved to table the current resolution and appoint a subcommittee to research the issues and if needed write a proposal for a CSU, Chico resolution on shared governance. The motion passed on a voice vote.
  8. Proposed revision of The Constitution of the Academic Senate, to clarify membership qualifications. The clarification allows full year FERP faculty to stand for election to the Academic Senate and the Statewide Academic Senate. A motion to accept as an introduction item passed by voice vote.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM.

Submitted by Mike Kotar