1st FASP September Minutes

Academic Senate
(530) 898-6201, Zip 020


April 26, 2012 --- 2:30 p.m., Kendall 209

Present: Deleon, Fairbanks, Gampel, Gundlach, Kim, (Rehg), Kotar, Long, McCabe, Meadows, Miller, Mittman, Monet, Meadows, Rehg, Schademan, Schierenbeck, Scholtes, Sistrunk, Smith (Meadows), Zimmerlee (Bordin)

Absent: Clower, Cooprider, Kirchhoff, Payne, Postma, Root, Traver

  1. Approval of April 19, 2012 minutes
  2. Agenda approved.
  3. Resolution proposal: Affirmation of the Importance of Our Commitment to Affordable, Quality Education, and Shared Governance. This item had been approved as an action item on April 19. The committee decided to review the document one final time before taking it to Senate.
  4. Revision of FPPP 8.4 on Lecturer Range Elevation. The proposed revision was tabled due to further work required to ensure wording is appropriate before sending to full Senate. It will be addressed again in the fall semester. 
  5. Revision of FPPP section 8, RTP calendar. Changes made to the calendar passed and was referred to full Senate.
  6. Chair Kotar announced he is stepping down from the chair’s position in the fall. Michael Rehg was approved by FASP to be the next chair. His nomination will be taken to the full Senate for approval
  7. Meeting Adjourned

     Submitted by M. Rehg for P. Scholtes.