2nd FASP September Minutes



Faculty and Student Policies Committee

September 20, 2012

2:30 p.m., Kendall 209


-Senators: Gundlach, Kotar, Mace, McCabe, Meadows, Postma, Rehg, Renner, Rowberg, Sistrunk, Smith, Traver

-Faculty Non-Senators: Deleon, Shkoda

-Other members: Blakeslee, Bordin, Berglund-Smith (Miller Proxy for FA12), Kirchhoff

Absent: Schademan, Root (Student Judicial Affairs), and Faculty Non-Senator Collins (out for semester--proxy TBA)


1. Approval of September 13, 2012 minutes

2. Agenda approved

3.      Announcements: Associated Students hiring process is occurring now and will lead to selection of the AS Director of Legislative Affairs who will join FASP.

4.      Sub-committee Reports

a.      Revision of FPPP 8.4 on lecturer range elevation:  Borden and McCabe, as members of sub-committee discussed a previous version of document which they are in the process of revising to be presented to FASP in near future.

b.      Sub-committee on Updating Nondiscrimination Policy Regarding Individuals with Disabilities (Sub-committee members are Senators Kotar and Smith, and Lisa Root from SJA.): Sub-committee is making progress and consolidating work to be presented to FASP in near future.

5.      Items for Discussion

a.      Life Cycle of Department RTP Documents: Rehg introduces document showing sub-committee goals and purpose, as well as sign-up sheet for committee.  Senators discussed pros and cons of differing approaches to addressing this topic, as well as information they had acquired from discussion with other members of their departments.  Further research and discussion is needed.  Sub-committee is formed to further research topic for future report to FASP. Members are Meadows, Mace, Postma and Blakeslee

b.      Course Prefix subcommittee: Rehg introduces document showing sub-committee goals and purpose, as well as sign-up sheet for committee, which will be jointly staffed with EPPC.  Senators discuss issue and decide on value of formation of sub-committee in order for future report to FASP, based on research and analysis of the topic. Volunteers are Sistrunk and Rowberg.

6.      Other: No items

7.      Adjourn: Meeting adjourned approximately 3:45pm


Submitted by Secretary of FASP: Senator Michael Gundlach