1st FASP October Minutes


October 4, 2012

2:30 p.m., Kendall 209


-Senators: Gundlach, Kotar, Mace, McCabe, Meadows, Postma, Rehg, Renner, Rowberg, Schademan, Sistrunk, Smith, Traver, Clower (partial)
-Faculty Non-Senators
: Deleon, Shkoda
-Other members
: Blakeslee, Bordin, Berglund-Smith (Miller Proxy for FA12), Root, Kirchhoff, McAllister (A.S. Director of Leg. Aff.)

Absent: Faculty Non-Senator Collins, A.S. President Virdee

  1. Approval of September 20, 2012 minutes with one correction to the spelling of one member's name.
  2. Agenda approved
  3. Announcements: Positive feedback and brief discussion of new Chancellor
  4. Sub-committee Progress Reports
    1. Sub-committee on Updating Nondiscrimination Policy Regarding Individuals with Disabilities. (Kotar, Chair Smith and Root).  Committee is making progress and is analyzing complexity of project.  Relationship to E.M. 07-009 was discussed.  Committee to provide update at next meeting.
    2.  Life Cycle of Department RTP Documents. (Blakeslee, Meadows, Mace, Postma).  Committee is collecting data and making progress.  Potential inconsistencies appear as a possibility based on preliminary analysis, but more data needs to be gathered and a comprehensive analysis performed before a report can be presented and discussed in conclusive detail.  External influences such as recent changes in new CFA contract were discussed as also relating to the process of the committee.  Discussion concluded with how the FPPP will likely, and in what manner may, be affected by this issue.  Addressing the pros and cons of different approaches to gathering data, analyzing it, and producing a report in the near future was also discussed as the committee continues to make progress with an upcoming update at the next meeting.
    3. Course Prefix joint FASP-EPPC subcommittee (Rowberg, Sistrunk).  Report and discussion reflected that the prefix issue will involve several areas across campus.  Initial data gathered showed that those involved with or administrating these classes are aware that it is an issue to be ideally remedied in the near future.  The committee is working in conjunction with EPPC and a more conclusive report will be generated in the near future once more data is collected and analysis performed.
  5. Revision of FPPP 8.4 on lecturer range elevation. (Introduction) Subcommittee (McCabe and Bordin) presented proposed changes to FPPP section 8.4 and discussed sources and research required to produce the edits as well as the logic for the changes.  Background on this topic was discussed to give new FASP members deeper perspective on the topic.  Complexity and specificity of the process was discussed as proposed changes were reviewed during the meeting.  CFA Arbitration results were discussed as driving the process.  Discussion of editing language for improvements and clarity occurred.  As proposed changes were reviewed, discussion focused particularly on section 8.4.b.  Motion passed to accept item as introduction item from the subcommittee.  Senators will pursue feedback about the document for improvements from other campus sources as the item moves to an Action Item.
  6. Items for Discussion
    1.  FPPP and CBA alignment. Given the new contract, do we need to form a committee to evaluate impacts to the FPPP?  Discussion ensued on the pros and cons of this approach but issue will be discussed in more detail at next meeting.
  7. Other--No items
  8. Adjourned at approximately 3:45

 Submitted by Secretary of FASP: Senator Michael Gundlach, Ph.D.