1st FASP December Agenda

Academic Senate
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M  E  M  O  R  A  N  D  U  M

This is the last meeting of FASP for 2012.

TO:          Faculty and Student Policies Committee
FROM:      Michael Rehg, Chair
DATE:       December 3, 2012
SUBJECT:  FASP AGENDA – December 6, 2012, 2:30 p.m., Kendall 209
  1. Approve minutes of the November 15, 2012 meeting
  2. Approve today’s agenda
  3. Announcements
  4. Sub-committee Progress Reports
    1. Updating Nondiscrimination Policy Regarding Individuals with Disabilities. (Kotar, Smith and Root).
    2. Course Prefix joint FASP-EPPC subcommittee (Rowberg, Sistrunk).
    3. Subcommittees on FPPP and CBA alignment: Article 12, Article 15, and Article 21.
  5. Revision of FPPP 2.0 Affirmative Action (CBA Article 16.1) (Action)
  6. Revision of FPPP 8.6.b Periodic Evaluations of Tenured Faculty (CBA Article 15.34) (Action)
  7. Revision of FPPP 1.1 Assignments, in reference to changes in CBA Article 35 dealing with Outside Employment (Action)
  8. Revision of FPPP 8.5.a.3 Life Cycle of RTP documents (Introduction)
  9. Revision of FPPP 9.1.b.3 Award of Sabbatical Leaves (Introduction)
  10. Items for Discussion
    1. SET Policy – FPPP 8.1.b and CBA article 15.15
    2. Campus Alcohol Policy to include IRA
    3. Addition of University Police representative on Campus Equity Council
  11. Other
  12. Adjourn