Celeste A. Jones

Vice Chair

Photo: Celeste A. Jones

Phone: 898-6204
E-mail: CAJones@csuchico.edu

Celeste A. Jones, PhD is currently professor and director of the School of Social Work at CSU, Chico. She received her BA from the University of Arkansas, MSW from University of Oklahoma, and her PhD from University of South Carolina. Dr. Jones's area of scholarly interest is social work practice and social work policy, with a focus on domestic violence and trauma. She teaches courses covering introductory human behavior and the social environment, social policy, social work practice, and social work research, field seminar, and field liaison.

Dr. Jones has clinical experience in dealing with individuals, families, and children. Her clinical practice has been in the areas of physical and sexual abuse, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder, domestic violence, trauma debriefing, posttraumatic stress, borderline personality disorders, grief, adolescent sexual offenders, and depression. Her clinical training has been in narrative, solution focused, brief strategic family collaboration, crisis intervention, and trauma debriefing with inpatients, outpatient, day treatment, and group home individuals and their families. Dr. Jones conducts trainings on brief strategic family collaboration, brief family therapy, interviewing children and adults, working with families and children who experience violence, values and ethics, and trauma debriefing. She is also active with youth violence prevention agencies and consults with agencies on domestic violence issues in the community.

Dr. Jones has done research on trauma debriefing with bank robbery victims; and she remains active with the Butte County American Red Cross as a trauma debriefing trainer and team member. She has worked debriefing individuals and communities that have experienced trauma through natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, hurricanes), technological disasters (Oklahoma City bombing, school bus crashes), workplace trauma (bank robberies, school shootings, workplace violence), and interpersonal trauma (domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse). Dr. Jones's research interests are trauma and recovery, domestic violence, youth violence, international social work issues, and social work education.