Accreditation Standards

Here at Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, we are dedicated to creating a Greek culture that cultivates strong leaders and sustainable chapters. When individuals join our recognized Greek organizations, we expect our members to live up to their chapter values, as well as the values of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. Many of those chapter values exemplify the idea of 'betterment', meaning that members of our Greek organizations sustain better academics, cultivate better leaders, develop better fraternal bonds, provide better opportunities, and so on. The FSA staff also encourages our Greek chapters to constantly be striving for 'better', which is why we have our organizations go through the Annual Accreditation Process. This process is an incorporation of informational workshops, high academic standards, and the completion of the Areté Accreditation Process. By going through this process, chapters not only educate their transitioned leaders and incoming members on what it means to be a part of Greek life at CSU, Chico, but also have the opportunity to reflect on their chapters success and develop goals for the future. 

Areté Accreditation Process

California State University, Chico encourages and supports the growth of its students as leaders on and off campus. Fraternity and Sorority Affairs holds leadership, community, scholarship, service, and integrity as core values for strengthening and enhancing the collegiate experience. For this reason, the Areté Accreditation Process was developed in order to enrich the cultivation of leadership within the Greek community at CSU, Chico.

It is key to the success of our Greek community that the Pillars of Distinction remain at the core of our values and expectations. Chapters will be evaluated on the fulfillment of each pillar, acknowledgement of of shortfalls, and plans to address challenges in the upcoming year.

The Pillars of Distinction are the foundations for recognizing achievements and encouraging excellence within our Greek community at CSU, Chico. Fraternity and Sorority Affairs staff uses the pillars as the basis for programming efforts, student development, and Greek community standards.

Pillars of Distinction

The Greek community at California State University, Chico values, supports, and advocates:

Leadership: Tangible skill development and progressive change in the philosophical mind-set of students

Community: Chapters representing extended families with bonds and networking that extend beyond any one organization

Scholarship: Academic accountability for both self and peers

Service: Accrued responsibility for one's surroundings that shapes an enhanced altruistic belief

Integrity: Personal investment in Greek Life that builds a higher sense of moral and ethical commitment

…Enhancing the collegiate experience.