Meet our Staff!

FSA Program Coordinator

Malcolm J. McLemore

Hello! My name is Malcolm J. McLemore and I am the Program Coordinator in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.  I oversee our Inter-fraternity Council and Order of Omega. I received my BS in Recreation Administration from CSU, Chico and my MS in Educational Leadership from the University of Rochester. As a product of the Chico Greek community I understand the dynamic types of leadership opportunities, development, and connections that are produced here. My personal approach is challenging leaders to expect more in order to exceed more.


FSA Assistant Program Coordinator

Amanda Haydon


Hello! My name is Amanda Haydon and I am the Assistant Program Coordinator and Multicultural Greek Council Advisor for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. I was born and raised right here in Chico, and I have been working on the Chico State campus for the past 5 years. Throughout my professional experiences on the Chico State campus, I have specialized in leadership development and program coordination. I graduated from CSU, Chico with my Bachelor's Degree in English Education. My overall goal as a professional staff member is to provide our students with a multitude of opportunities that will help in their professional development and will contribute to their overall collegiate success.

FSA Assistant Program Coordinator

Abbie Page


Hi, my name is Abbie Page and I am the new Panhellenic Advisor for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at CSU, Chico. My involvement with Chico State began in 2009, as an entering freshman in undergraduate education and has since developed into strong commitment to all aspects of campus life. I became an active member in Greek Life during the Spring 2010 semester and could not be happier with the opportunities and experiences it presented throughout my collegiate career. Serving as Chapter Vice President of Scholarship, Chapter President, Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, and Panhellenic Paraprofessional has encouraged me to continue my involvement by embracing all aspects of the Greek Community at CSU, Chico. Working closely with other members of Greek Life has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as an undergraduate student and I am looking forward to continuing that involvement for many years. I graduated in May 2014 with my BS in Nutrition and Food Sciences with options in Food Service Administration and General Dietetics. In the upcoming year I hope to give back to the Greek Community by encouraging others to find a similar rewarding experience. I strongly believe that Greeks have the potential to not only impact individual lives but also the community as a whole. Greek Life has empowered me to create positive change and I look forward to inspiring others in the same way! Please feel free to stop by my office any time. I encourage you all to stop by my office and meet me! I would love to meet as many members of the Greek community as possible!



Gianna Boragno

Hello, my name is Gianna Boragno and I am one of the Paraprofessionals for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs specifically with the Panhellenic Greek Council at California State University, Chico. I have been involved with Greek Life since Spring 2012 and have developed into a leader through my experiences and the opportunities that Greek Life has to offer. I have served as the Vice President of Finance for my chapter for two years. I am also apart of Order of Omega where I have been able to connect with all Greek members in the community. I am currently a senior with a major in Management, a minor in project management, along with a pathway minor in ethics, justice and policy. I look forward to working with all our Greek organizations this year and making a difference at CSU, Chico.

Sam Franzoia

My name is Sam Franzoia, I am one of the Paraprofessionals for the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Office at Chico State and am the current Interfraternity Council(IFC) Paraprofessional. I have been actively involved in Greek Life for two and a half years now, and have served in multiple positions during that time, including: Philanthropy Director, Membership Education Director, Marshal, and Recruitment Director. I’m from Sacramento and am currently in my senior year pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. I strongly believe in the phrase Ductus Exemplo, meaning “leadership by example”. In my mind, an effective leader works hard to set the standard that they want others to embody. The transition of leadership is one of the most important aspects of Greek Life to me. It is the responsibility of our leaders on campus and in our chapters to pass on their experience and knowledge to new members, and part of my job is to do whatever I can to help facilitate that. “A winner will make it to the top of the mountain and look back to see who he’s beaten.  A leader will make it to the top of the mountain and look back to see who he can help.”

Saul Jimenez - FSA Multicultural Greek Council Intern

Jessica Castillo - FSA Multicultural Greek Council Intern