Phase III: Fall 2014

Phase III is focused on Actions organized around the Six Themes identified from the Possibility Conversations:

  • Theme 1. Student lifelong success
  • Theme 2. Teaching & learning
  • Theme 3. Building community
  • Theme 4. Faculty renewal
  • Theme 5. Staff renewal
  • Theme 6. Business processes
  • Theme 7. Beyond categorization

Action Groups will convene early in Fall Semester, 2014.  The goal will be to define feasible short-term, medium-term and long-term actions that can help us realize the possibilities associated with each theme.

Each action group has a core group consisting of members from the Academic Plan Committee and the Council of Academic Deans (CAD) who will convene and organize these conversations.


CAD Members

APC Members

1. Student lifelong success Bill Loker (lead) Katie Silliman (lead), Michael Pratt
2. Teaching & learning Angela Trethewey (lead), EK Park, Eddie Vela, Frank Li Brian Oppy (lead)
3. Building community Bob Knight (lead), Frank Li Taylor Herren (lead)
4. Faculty renewal Wenshu Lee (lead) Paula Selvester (lead)
5. Staff renewal Debra Barger (lead), Sarah Blakeslee Michelle Berglund-Smith (lead)
6. Business processes Judy Hennessey (lead), Mike Schilling Michael Spiess (lead)
7. Beyond categorization Ben Juliano (lead), Katy Thoma, Eddie Vela Michael Rehg (lead)

If you are interested in participating in the conversations associated with any of these themes, sign-ups will be available soon. You will be invited to participate in the conversations aimed at defining specific actions focused on the themes.  Your participation is deeply appreciated, but entirely voluntary.  In the words of Peter Block, we recognize the gifts that each member of our diverse community can bring to this conversation.  We welcome these diverse perspectives. 

The Possibility Conversations produced a rich discussion of the themes, including many proposed actions.  In Phase III we will move to the action phase aimed to make these possibilities a reality!