Phase III: Action Conversations, Fall 2014

Phase III was focused on Actions organized around the Six Themes identified from the Possibility Conversations:

Action Groups convened early in Fall Semester, 2014.  The goal was to define feasible short-term, medium-term and long-term actions that can help us realize the possibilities associated with each theme.

Each action group had a core group consisting of members from the Academic Plan Committee and the Council of Academic Deans (CAD) who convened and organized these conversations.

Theme Members



1. Student lifelong success

Bill Loker, Katie Silliman, Michael Pratt

2. Excellence in teaching & learning

Angela Trethewey, Brian Oppy

3. Building community

Bob Knight, Eddie Vela, Taylor Herren

4. Faculty renewal

Wenshu Lee, Paula Selvester

5. Staff renewal

Sarah Blakeslee, Annette Heileson

6. Organizational process improvement

Judy Hennessey, Michael Spiess

7. Red Team

Ben Juliano, Michael Rehg, Marjorie Shepard, Jennifer Mays