Meet the Faculty

Brenton Farrell

Department of English

My name is Brenton Farrell. I am originally from Southern California but moved here to pursue an M.A in English and have not left since. I like to collect many old things including books, records, and clothing. I enjoy spending time with my wife and rescued Blue Tick Hound, bike rides through Bidwell Park, and caring for my thirteen rose bushes. It is with utter joy that I welcome you to the U-Course: “Learning by Design”. Our team is passionate about creating an alternative academic workspace that is unlike any scholastic experience you have ever encountered.  You will be challenged to work independently and collaboratively to address problems within your new community and find viable solutions. This is an opportunity to help rethink and redesign the conventional classroom and build a meaningful community along the way.  I look forward to our time together this fall.

Kristen Mahlis

Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies

Welcome to the U-Course Experience! My name is Kristen Mahlis, and I an instructor in the Multicultural and Gender Studies Program; I also team teach a class in the Biology Department and another in the Honors Program. I grew up in Utah, got my B.A. from Rutgers University in New Jersey and my Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and I've taught at colleges and universities in Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas. I've always been interested in questions of race and gender in my teaching and research, and I'm currently writing a book on literature and the Haitian Revolution. I live in Chico with my husband and two daughters, and, whenever I get the chance, I get outside to run, hike, and backpack. I look forward to working with you all this year!

Eileen Morris

Department of Political Science

An Alumni of CSU Chico and a caring, passionate and experienced teacher of political science courses. 

When I am not with my family or teaching you can find me learning, dancing, hiking around Butte County. 
Welcome to U-Course and American Government National, State and Local-POLS 155!
I cannot wait to begin our work together to deepen our understanding of our political/social social values and our beliefs about government.
What will YOU do? 
-You have the right to be heard, to vote, to lead!