CSU, Chico presents at the American Democracy Project Conference

Presentation:  Going Public - Aligning Classroom Pedagogy with Institutional Commitments to Civic Engagement 

Ellie Ertle, Zach Justus, William Loker, and Thia Wolf provided an overview of an innovative teaching approach that improves students' civic dispositions and retention.  The approach. Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP), embeds a tailored public arena in varied courses to permit discussion of students' research, questions and concerns about contemporary issues.  Faculty, staff, administrators and community members act as dialogue partners with students, helping all participants to move their thinking and their plans for civic action forward.  At CSU, Chico, PSP has broad faculty appeal and is used in disciplinary areas as varied as political science, communication studies, economics, and English to improve students' engagement and increase students' persistence to graduation.  This session includes both a set of models of embedded public spheres (e.g., a student-led Town Hall, a "Great Debate" and a multi-media festival where students present and discuss their work) and tools for developing PSP approaches on participants' home campuses.  

Going Public-Aligning Classroom Pedagogy with Institutional Commitments to Civic Engagement

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