Amanda Miner

Hi my name is Amanda and I am a senior at Chico State. My major is Business Administration with an option in Accounting and I’m getting a minor in Sustainability. I hope to one day take over my mom’s small at home business of book keeping. After I graduate I see myself working for a company gearing them towards more sustainable practices while also saving them money! When I’m not in class I work for the First-Year Experience office on campus as a peer mentor, helping students with projects and planning civically engaging events. What brought me to Chico State was the beauty of the campus and surrounding community. I love spending time at One-Mile and hiking up in Upper Bidwell. Chico is one of my favorite places because everyone’s friendly and I’ve met the most amazing people of my life in this city. I’m originally from a small town south of San Jose called Morgan Hill so Chico reminds me a lot of home since it’s such a small town and everyone in the community seems to know each other. If you see me around campus stop and say hi!