Lucy Hodges

Hi Everyone! My name is Lucy Hodges and I am Sophomore here at California State University of Chico, majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Child Development. I would like to one day become an elementary school teacher. I grew up in southern California in a little town called Culver City, home of Sony Studios. When I am at home, I work at my family’s restaurant called Tub’s Fine Chili which provided me with great work experience for my two jobs in Chico. I love working with kids and putting a smile on their faces! Chico State is the perfect fit for me because of the friendly people, beautiful environment, teaching program and it is the perfect distance from my hometown (not too close, yet not too far). I couldn't be happier living here in Chico, and I am excited for the many opportunities I have at my fingertips. I definitely want to do some studying abroad!