Meet the Mentors

The First-Year Experience Program offers two mentoring programs in which knowledgeable sophomores, juniors, and seniors are available to assist first-year students with projects and coursework. To learn more about the mentors or to contact them, please click the links below.

Civic Mentors

The Civic Mentors are FYE student staff members who assist in planning our public sphere events and who work with first-year students to complete civic projects. These mentors work specifically with students in University 101 or University 105, but are available to meet with any first-year student who seeks advice. To make an appointment to see a civic mentor, call 530-898-3705 or email us.

Luke Alward
Paulina Battegazzore
Camber Corron
Austin Deback
Malcom Dixon
Mathew Fukuhara
Kelsie Hinders
Lucy Hodges
Paige Koester
Aidan Maguire
Taylor Moore
Megan Morrill
Anaiza Novoa

Jesus Quintana
Amalia Rodas
Ian Roffe
Efren Sanchez
Ryon Schafer
Khue Xiong

U-Course Mentors

The u-course mentors support first-year students in the new u-course curriculum as writing coaches, subject matter advisors, and project managers. They are present during every class session as well as outside of class to offer extra assistance with projects.

Nathan Collins, Writing Mentor
Luke Alward, Subject Mentor
Paulina Battegazzore, Project Mentor


FYE offers a semester-long, two-unit internship for students who are looking to be involved in FYE. They work closely with the staff and student staff to help plan events, provide guidance for first-year students, and develop programs which encourage first-year students to become involved in both university life and the community of Chico.

Demi DiQuattro
Marisa Faust
Gabby Fungi