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This semester's Sense of Place Symposium will take place on May 8, 2018 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. If you are interested in participating, being a respondent, or partnering with our staff, please contact our Outreach Coordinator.

What is Sense of Place?

Following the success of the Town Hall Meeting and the Chico Great Debate, the founders of SOP wanted a public sphere event that would have students from different courses and different class standings come together with faculty, staff, and community members to share projects and ideas around making our college and community more sustainable.

Today, SOP continues its mission towards a more sustainable Chico. As the event grows, so does its purpose. Students not only present on sustainable actions, they also share narratives of their identities rooted in place. Sustainability is our ability to preserve our identities by sharing solutions and taking actions that are Environmentally Sound, Socially Equitable, and Economically Feasible.

What is there to do at Sense of Place?

  • Presentations: Students in Sustainability Pathway courses will present their projects and research to an audience of attendees and respondents.
  • Exhibit: UNIV 101 Students present their guidebooks to places around the Chico area.
  • Chico Identity Fair: Community Members and Campus Partners bridge the gaps between Chico's Permanent Residents and Campus Population by helping students find ways to engage our extended community both on and off campus.
  • Game Room: BSIS 111/GEOG 103 students will host games that conceptualize an understanding of "Our Wired World" based on the curriculum of this interdisciplinary U-Course.
  • Film Festival: A series of films that focus on "Issues in Agriculture". This section of the symposium features student-made films followed by a facilitated discussion.
A map of the CSUC campus with markers pointing to SOP events

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I arrive?

Students Check-In starts at 5:00 pm please give yourself enough time to check-in and make it to your first event. If you are in one of the first sessions we recommend that you give yourself enough time to set up. All students MUST attend for a total of 2 HOURS.

Respondents can Check-In starting at 5:00 pm in the BMU auditorium at our V.I.P. table. When you show up we will give you your name tag and direct you to the presentation you will be viewing.

Campus and Community Partners should arrive between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm at Selvester's Cafe on the CSUC campus.

How do I get credit?

At the event, you will present your research at the time/location listed on your nametag and get stamps and stickers on your compass (participation sheet) showing that you have attended at least 3 other sections. Keep your compass and submit it to your professor during your next class meeting time to get credit.

If you are in UNIV 101:

You will be presenting in the BMU Auditorium during your given session. During the first half hour of your session, half of your group should be stationed at your table while the rest of your groups walks through the exhibit, then switch roles for the second half hour. After that, you should find three other sections of events to attend and get your compass stamped.

If you are in UNIV 105, HIST 105I, HIST 341, or U-Courses:

You will be presenting in various classrooms around campus. Your assigned classroom is on your nametag. Give yourself enough time to get to your specified classroom to prepare for your presentation. After you present, you should view a peers presentation from a different course. This can be done by going to another presentation building.