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Past Exhibits Spring 2011

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Microbes: Invisible Invaders…Amazing Allies

February 12, 2011 through May 30, 2011           

Take an interactive journey through the hidden world with Microbes: Invisible Invaders…Amazing Allies.” Investigate the mysterious universe of microscopic organisms — from those that sustain life on Earth to those that threaten our health and even our existence.

The interactive exhibit reveals what microbes are (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa—“germs” to most people), explores a history of infectious diseases, and shows how researchers and individuals fight infection worldwide.

Kid-friendly technology highlights hands-on activities. Interactive displays, computer animation, theatrical sets and special effects bring microbes to life. Some exhibit highlights include:

  • Microbial Universe: a new cosmos, the hidden universe of microbes. Six colorful, volumetric holograms floating in space present different microbes, including HIV/AIDS and Ebola, as three-dimensional models.  Images from an electron microscope and large-view light microscope offer rare, close-up views of real microbes such as rabies and Ebola.
  • Gobble De Goop: a video game where players guide munching microbes as they gobble up an oil spill
  • The Microbe Quiz Show: an interactive television game show tests participants’ new-found knowledge with a true-false quiz

Microbes: Invisible Invaders…Amazing Allies is sponsored by Pfizer Inc. and produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health.

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