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Upcoming Exhibits


Moneyville Moneyville

Moneyville™, produced and toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), will be on display in the North Gallery from May 30 through September 13, 2015.

Money isn't just about dollars and cents. The ancient Aztecs used chocolate for money, and Yap islanders used 500-lb. stones! So what is money and how does it work? Take a trip to Moneyville™ and find out. In this colorful and vibrant city, explore how money is made, spent, saved, earned, and traded at the money factory, bank, anti-counterfeiting lab, stock market, shopping district, and international port. Through a variety of fun hands-on activities, explore the history, science, and culture behind money and come away with valuable math and economic skills you can use every day. As visitors engage in the multiple activities, games and simulations of this imaginary city, they discover economic concepts, math skills and problem-solving strategies that can help them in their real-life decision making. 

Moneyopolis® is a registered trademark of Ernst & Young. The Moneyville trademark is used under license. This exhibit is sponsored by The National Science Foundation, The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation and The NASDAQ Stock Market Educational Foundation, Inc.