Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB)

Curriculum Advisory Board Chair

EPPC Representative

Christopher Nichols, CHEM – x5541

College Representatives

Baohui Song, Agriculture – x3056

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Jacque Chase, GEOG - x5587

Kent Sandoe, Business Information System – x4822

Communication and Education
Jennifer Oloff-Lewis, EDUC – x5184

Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management
Hede (Henry) Ma
, Electrical Engineering - x4957

Humanities and Fine Arts
Christine Goulding, ILLC – x5166

Natural Sciences
Christopher Nichols
, CHEM - x5541

Non-college Members

Library Representative
Kevin Klipfel, Library Reference & Instruction – x4990

EPPC Representative (Appointed by EPPC Chair)
Christopher Nichols
, CHEM x5541

Student Representative (Appointed by AS President)

Vu Nguyen

Advising (ex-oficio)
Kim DuFour, Academic Advising Program – x5533

Provost’s Designee (ex-oficio)
William Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Education – x6894

Pathway Coordinators

Interim Coordinator, Diversity Studies
Matt Brown, ENGL - x5165

Ethics, Justice & Policy
Ryan Patten, POLS - x5960

Food Studies

Gender & Sexuality
Kate Transchel, HIST/ILLC - x6417

Global Development Studies
Jacque Chase, GEOG - x5587

Great Books & Ideas
Laird Easton, HIST - x4284

Health & Wellness
Jason Clower, CORH - x5860

International Studies
Patricia Black, ILLC - x5215

Science, Technology & Values
LaDona Knigge, GEOG - x5881

Don Miller, BIOL - x6513