Draft Models

The links below will lead you to the eight alternative draft models for Chico's GE program of the future, along with a proposed Mission and Values statement for the GE program. These models were presented publicly at an Open Forum February 20, 2009. In most cases, the models have brief explanations associated with them to aid understanding.

To comment on the draft models, you can contact any member of the GE Design Team, or email:gedesignteam@csuchico.edu. The GE Design Team also hosts open office hours, Monday and Tuesday, in the Student Services building, Room 466.

Given our timeline, your comments will be most useful if they reach us before Spring Break 2009 - in other words by March 13. Thank you for your feedback and ideas. Onward!

Mission Statement and Values

Model #1 - University Studies
Model #2 - Clusters
Model #3 - Current GE
Model #4 - Chico Commons 1
Model #5 - Chico Connection
Model #6 - Chico Commons 2
Model #7 - Thematic Coherence
Model #8 - Enhanced Core
Model #9 - Chico Commons 3