General Education Design Team

In November 2008, Provost Sandra Flake formed a General Education Design Team and charged that group with a "deep, deliberative examination of the current General Education program and the policies that guide it, and through consultation revise General Education to improve student learning of the essential knowledge, skills and attributes for an educated participant in civic and intellectual life in the 21st century." The membership of the GE Design Team and the full text of the charge, along with other documents, are available on this webpage.

The GE Design Team has been organizing a series of meetings and public events to get ideas and guidance from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others regarding the design of GE for the 21st century at CSU, Chico. The Design Team is using a set of four broad questions to orient this discussion available here. The group is also consulting the growing contemporary scholarly literature on General Education, and we have posted some of those documents on this website to enrich the discussion.

The GE Design Team welcomes your ideas, input, and proposals for re-design of GE. You may contact any member of the Design Team with your ideas. We look forward to the deliberative dialogue that the Provost called for in her charge to the Design Team, and to rich, productive ideas from many quarters for improving general education on our campus.