Differences Between the Old and New GE Requirements

A number of elements in the General Education program have changed.  If you’re wondering how this new program compares to the old, we’ve summarized the differences and similarities below. 

Content Changes

  • Courses in GE are now organized into Pathways that examine some pressing issue from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
  • Each course you take will have recognizable thematic overlaps with other courses in that Pathway.
  • By completing just 18 units in one Pathway, you receive an interdisciplinary minor.

Technical Changes

  • Some courses that were formerly GE courses will no longer be offered as GE, but many new courses have been added to the program.
  • HIST 130 and POLS 155 (or the “Code Courses”) now count for one of your Area C and D courses.
  • You will take an upper-division Capstone course that asks you to synthesize and reflect on what you’ve learned across the GE courses you’ve taken.
  • You will receive focused writing instruction in GE by taking 4 Writing Intensive (WI) courses.  (Transfer students must take at least 1 WI course.)

What is Unchanged

  • The GE program still consists of 48 units of coursework: 39 units in the Lower Division and 9 Upper Division units.
  • Course substitutions for high-unit majors and professional programs may apply – check with your major advisor for more information.
  • No GE course has any non-GE prerequisites.
  • If you elect not to pursue a minor in a Pathway, you may take your lower division GE courses across any of the Pathways to fulfill GE Areas C, D, and E.
  • Courses you take at an approved Community College still count for GE credit at Chico State.
  • You must take three upper-division courses within one Pathway.